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Osmond McLeod Architects

Osmond McLeod Architects is based on the Central Coast of NSW and specializes in creating beautiful homes.

Our mission is to provide a considered and collaborative design outcome for your home. The key to success is our ability to combine your core priorities with the realities of design, construction and budgeting to create a successful design outcome for your home.

This approach requires key considerations and objectives to be balanced in a way that makes your project an achievable and successful reality.

Our design methodology follows a collaborative process to create something unique and special that works for your lifestyle, needs and wishes aspirations, whilst also meeting your budget considerations. Our goal is to work with you to identify your key objectives and adapt our design approach to meet your needs.

In short, your priorities are ours and we look to create a place that is just for you.
Osmond Mcleod Architects Sabbagh House

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Your home should be a place just for you.