Umina Beach House

This home was designed for a retired couple, looking to move from a large property

in Sydney to a beachfront block on the Central Coast. Having lived on an acreage

for the best part of 30 years, we really worked to make the house as open, light and

inviting as possible to capture the feel of their previous residence with a far more restricted site.


The home overlooks Umina Surf Beach, and as much as possible, we wanted to capture the views of the beach and the water from all areas of the house. T achieve this the house employs large wing structures that open the building out to the water views while also allowing the sea breezes to flow into the house.

With the water view to the South and the best sunlight from the North, this design presented

unique challenges to capture the south view, while still bringing light and thermal

heat gains into the home. The parking was accommodated to the rear and house to keep the view uninterrupted while the home floats out over the driveway to pick up as much of the beachfront views as possible.

With views across Umina Beach, this house opens up at every opportunity to bring

as much of the beach, water and sea air into the house as possible.