Babs House

Designed atop a solid sandstone rock, this family home takes in panoramic views and a luxury interior finished by Raymond Panetta Architects.

Natural light floods into the living and kitchen area all day long though the north facing highlight windows, keeping the house light and bright. The outdoor living and dining deck flow from the internal spaces with seamless thresholds and a natural material transition. The outdoor dining and bbq springs from the kitchen and, with the doors tucked into a cavity the effect is a calm, flowing transition from indoor to outdoor living.

The Master suite sits on the upper level at the rear of the home to create a single level living plan. With the primary functions of the home on the upper level to rest in the tree canopies, the lower level provides ample secondary living space and the remaining bedrooms. The house is accessed from a rear garage and a lift running though the centre of the home, making the access on this difficult site clean and simple without compromising the available views to the front of the property. The design also incorporates a rooftop terrace that takes in 180-degree water views and has been designed to be a place of  quiet seclusion.