New Homes

Osmond McLeod Architects specialize in design and delivery of new homes.

Our primary aim is to create a place that feels uniquely yours. It should reflect your personality and your way of life. We will work closely with you and your site to create an outcome that meets both your design and budget requirements.

For detailed information about how Osmond McLeod Architects will work with you to create your ideal outcome, please refer to our HOW WE WORK section and our DESIGN PHILOSOPHY. Feel welcome to contact us when you are ready to begin your journey.

What is the cost to build?

Cost to build a new home can vary greatly across different architects, builders and sites.

As a starting point, we look at your brief, outcomes and site and provide a cost estimate to guide the design process towards the right outcome.

Your new home may require a budget anywhere from 800kupwards, depending on your site, expected floor space, level of finish and complexity of the build.

Osmond McLeod has created smaller scale, smartly designed homes to lower budgets that still provide the customized outcome that works for your lifestyle, and provide a striking bespoke finish.

Generally speaking, designs with higher budgets allow for bespoke design of greater scope, but any design should still employ smart design solutions that address your specific needs and desires,and maximize any potential return on investment you may make.

Through smart construction methodology and sensible design, we can maximize the outcome of your home. The focus of the project is set by your priorities. We can create a design that is simple in form but maximizes floor space, or work to create a smaller more refined outcome where detail is the key. We will guide you through the process and can discuss your budget and expectations at a high level at the start of the project to ensure a successful outcome for your home.
Osmond McLeod Architects new homes