Residential development in the commercial realm brings with it a different set of challenges compared with bespoke residential designs. The outcome of any multi-residential project needs to provide a commercially viable outcome that is tuned to the market’s expectation, but also meets the project requirements for highest and best use for commercial return.

Osmond McLeod Architects can provide solutions from the master planning to completion of a project. We can provide cost effective outcomes to suit any scale of multi-residential project. We can provide dual occupancies, manor houses, multi-dwelling housing, and mixed-use projects.

Our approach to multi-dwelling projects begins with the council controls and site constraints, followed by a detailed master planning design process where consideration is given to building form, parking, unit size and market trends to tune the design outcome to identified demographics. At this stage consideration will be given to outdoor living space, bedroom count, number of stories, and unit mix to maximize the economic viability of the project and to create an appealing outcome for the target market.

Master planning options at a high level is a cost-effective way of providing the tools to assess the financial viability of each design outcome. With the high-level decisions made, the design can then be developed into a resolved building outocme.

From a dual occupancy to an apartment building, consideration must be given to the market viability, appeal of the units, saleability and return on your investment.