Osmond House Front in progress


Osmond House

My Dear Wife

Designing a home for myself was very difficult. As an architect, I found I could not prioritise my ideas for my own home. I focused on making our house for my wife and eventual two children. By far my hardest design project due to fire-restrictions and a tight building footprint, a steep and difficult site, and budgetary constraints, we went through several (i.e. 98) options, and finally reached a design we were both happy with. We built in stages, and lived in a “half house” until we were able to complete construction in 2016. Our house is modest in scale and finish, but very efficient in its use of space, and beautiful to live in.

I learned a lot in the process of putting our house together; challenges that developed my architectural and project management skills My experience designing and managing such a difficult build gave me a solid understanding from all professional and personal angles. As the client, architect and builder, I feel that our house, and the connections we made, have allowed me to understand and grow my work in a way that would not have been possible otherwise. We may do it again one day…one day.