King House

Keith & Jacqueline King

Jaquie and Keith set out to renovate their brick veneer bungalow in Pearl Beach, but the estimated cost of the extensive renovation work proposed as well as the design limitations imposed by the existing structure, led us to investigate a new home build. By approaching the design with flexibility and communication, we reached a solution that meet Keith and Jaquie’s requirements. The resulting design provides a self-sufficient upper level that offers generous living spaces with the Master bedroom and living room sharing access to extensive decks. A spacious home office on the upstairs level also enables Keith and Jaquie to work without leaving the gorgeous Pearl Beach environment.

Osmond Mcleod Architects Pearl Beach House

The large decks extend the available living space considerably, and help make the house feel considerably larger than it is on paper.

The lower level was designed in a more functional manner. It provides 4 bedrooms and 2 living spaces to accommodate Keith had Jacquie’s extended family over the summer period. The separation between the floors allows everyone to enjoy their space and time at the beach.

Osmond Mcleod Architects Pearl Beach House


We found Glenn very attentive to our requirements and we have finished with a new home that is exactly what we wanted.

Glenn was very good at liaising with the builder to ensure we received the very best product. Jackie and I are pleased to recommend Glenn as an outstanding architect.

Keith King