Osmond Mcleod Architects Gordon House


Gordon House

Lawry and Wendy Gordon

Lawry and Wendy Gordon came to me 5 years ago to renovate their home. I was still working full time in Sydney and was looking for a way to keep my work and my life local. Lawry and Wendy wanted to transform their old brick veneer into a modern architectural home that provided a welcoming contemporary exterior, and warm inviting interior. We worked for over a year on the design, and reached an outcome that has completely transformed the original, tired building.

Whilst the exterior was important, Lawry and Wendy really wanted a home that worked for their family. It needed to provide a private space for them, where they could work and plan their business, but also private spaces and break out areas for their teenaged children. An amazing kitchen was also critical for Lawry as he is a local chief. We worked to make the kitchen the central focus and feature of the home. The heart if you will .


The Gordon House upgraded a tired old house to a modern family home that provides privacy and separation, but brings the family together around the central kitchen and living space.


Osmond Mcleod Architects Gordon House