Osmond Mcleod Architects Austral House


Austral House

Justin Louis

This project presented interesting challenges through the design and approval process. The site provides uninterrupted views to Avoca Beach, and the design works to take full advantage of this.  However, doing so necessitated heavy consultation with neighbours and Council to ensure the impacts on neighbouring properties were minimised without compromising the design of the home. The design steps down the hill to follow the natural contours of the site. With the master bedroom addressing the street and leveraging the beach view, the house then steps down to the main living and semi-separate dining room.

Osmond Mcleod Architects Austral House

The secondary bedrooms, whilst still enjoying some water views, were placed on the lower level. The home presents as a contemporary modern home to the street, with extensive lightweight decks extending across the side frontage to maximise the outlook to the beach.  The Development Approval required extensive liaison with the local Council, and we made use of the 3D modelling technology to successfully demonstrate to Council that the proposed building form and mass did not adversely impact neighbouring residences with respect to view losses

Osmond Mcleod Architects Austral House



“Having purchased the site in 2014, we were looking for an architect that could maximize the potential views and design a modern free flowing house for our family to enjoy. After meeting you and seeing some of your work we knew that you would be able to achieve our desired outcomes and we are very happy with the final design and result.”

Justin and Rosanna Louis