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New Homes

New homes should be designed to fit you perfectly. It should be unique, but more than that, it should feel like it fits your lifestyle, family and way of life.  It should be just for you.

Having constructed my own home on a difficult site on the Central Coast of New South Wales, I understand how challenging a new build can be. I can assist you from design through to completion to provide the home you have always dreamed of. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking at a block of land and would like some ideas or assistance.

Osmond Mcleod Architects New homes

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When designing your new home, it’s about how we can deliver a home that feels uniquely yours. We start by identifying a budget. If you don’t have a budget, we can easily establish a figure based on your needs.

With a figure in mind, the initial discussion will be aimed at defining your individual requirements and needs, and how these can work with your specific site and its constraints. This means we look at how many storeys you would like, how many living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the acceptable sizes of these spaces. Also, we will discuss how you want to live in your house. Do you want to share a living room with the kids? Would you like a space to get away, a parents’ retreat? Or, would you like a rumpus room where the kids can go to have their own space? The discussion may be much different to this, but understanding how you expect the house to work will form the basis of how we design it for you.

The design process for new homes is about maximising the potential of your piece of land and delivering something that fits with you and your family. Maximising potential does not mean we make the house as big as we can, it means we build smart. With any design, we start with the site. What are the advantages of your land, what should we look to avoid? Where is the best daylight? How do we deal with any slope in the land? With this established we move onto the planning, as this determines how your house will flow and how the rooms will interact.

The main living space and kitchen are the heart of the house, and we start there. Their placement can be influenced by a number of factors, such as view, orientation, outdoor living areas, neighbours, and site constraints.  We then make the house ‘work’ with your priorities as identified earlier. This might be an amazing master bedroom, or it could be a retreat for the kids. The aim is to create a house that works the way you would want and expect it to.

With a working plan,  it’s time to determine how your house will look! Key considerations here are firstly, how do you want it to look? Do you want a raw Australian aesthetic? A modern minimal design? Perhaps a coastal haven? Or something else entirely.

We then work with the plan, the site, and your ideas to create the building in three dimensions. Everything we do is drawn using 3D computer models, so from very early on you can walk though your house, spin it around, and see how it will look from the street, complete with colours, materials and landscape.

While we undertake this process, we will also be routinely checking the design against the relevant council codes and standards to ensure a smooth journey through the approval process

Architecture is…
…a place just for you.