Key considerations when renovating your home

Key considerations when renovating your home

The existing house

Understanding how your existing house was built is critical to keeping any modifications cost effective. By ensuring any additional loads added to your home are integrated with the existing structure will reduce expensive structural changes to your existing home.

Line it up

If you are adding another level to your house, the most cost effective way to do it is to line up your addition with the existing building below. This is not always possible due to council restrictions, but if it can be done it is a great way to reduce costs.

Know what you want

Knowing how many rooms and spaces you are after will help us design something to your needs. If your not sure, we can provide advice and help to form a project brief with you.

Work with what you have

Keeping your bathroom and kitchens in their existing locations is a great way to minimise costs, especially if your home is built on a concrete slab.